Friday, July 1, 2011

Tie Your Mother Down

That was Freddie Mercury's advice, back in the day.  My advice:  Tie your bike down.

One day, Doofus (one of the employees at Destinations) orderd a Specialized downhil rig.  When it came in, he was very excited.  He rode it a few times, over the following few weeks, and modified it a bit to better suit him.

Then, one day, he threw the bike in the back of his truck, and drove to his apartment in Castle Rock.   The only problem:  When he went to get his bike out of the truck, it was no longer there.

Doofus was a birt of a wild driver.  He fancied himself a rally star, and like to drift through turns and hit the little rises in the road fast enough to lift the truck off the tarmac.  If you rode with him, you needed to hold on tight.

But, a bike can't hold on for itself.  It needs help, in the form of tiedowns or bungie straps.  Doofus had provided neither, and the bike bailed out somewhere between Parker and Castle Rock, never to be seen again.

Tie that mother down!


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