Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

The year I moved into my house, I was trying to get back into cycling shape after not riding much the previous year.  Much like 2011, I spent a lot more time on the motorbike in 2003 than I did on the pushbike, and I had gained about 20 pounds in the process.

Unlike 2011, I didn't have any tendinitis, or other medical issues keeping me off of the bike.  I just wasn't that excited about riding.  But, that is another story for another day.  This story is about riding rollers.

I was eating a rather low-cal diet, at the time, and riding hard on my rollers six nights a week.  On the seventh day, God rested, so I figured I should, as well.  My plan worked well, and I lost the 20 pounds, plus a little.  (Since then, I have found about 10 of those pounds, and I am in the process of misplacing the weight, again.)

One night, I was tired of watching network TV as I rode, and I didn't feel like listening to music, so I put in a DVD, called V-Four Victory.  It features a lap around the Isle Of Man TT course, from the perspective of a rider mounted on a Honda V-Four race bike.

It was a good choice, as I felt as though I was riding my bike around the Isle, at a crazy-fast speed!  All went well until the rider banked suddenly to the right...and so did I.

The resulting crash scared the dog, broke my cyclometer mount, and put a huge bruise on my right arm.  Not bad, considering I was traveling (onscreen) at about 140 mph.



  1. SNORT!
    I don't ride rollers, but I can so see myself doing that.

  2. Thank you for my first Friday Morning Laugh.


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