Sunday, July 24, 2011


I will admit that I have a bit of a problem throwing things away.  I am not quite as bad as those people on the show, Hoarders, but I do tend to hold onto things a bit more than some people.

The thing is, with my interests, that isn't always a bad thing.

Many times, within the past five or six years, I have gone out into the shop building and realized that I had a bike lying about fifty pieces.  I have a frame here, a set of wheels there, some shifters in a box, a set of brakes bagged up...

So, I start marrying parts and, the next thing you know, I have a bike sitting there.

Sometimes, that bike becomes one of my fleet.  A couple of my favorite bikes are what I call "accidental builds".

Other times, I pass the bike along, either by selling it or giving it away.

Either way, I am happy to pull all those parts together into a whole.  I think I might know how Victor Frankenstein must have felt.



  1. Yeah, I know I have a one or two(ok more)and so do many family members. Thank you!
    Love ya,

  2. Shawn and I are also packrats - I am of the sentimental variety while shawn is of the functional variety. The problem is that he's been holding on to bike parts that are busted and broken because he might be able to use them some day (and by busted and broken I mean things like bent rims, broken bottom brackets, cracked frames, broken pedals, etc.)


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