Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Mechanicals

I rolled up behind three of the club riders who were standing on the trail, looking at a bike.  One of them had crashed, and the derailleur hanger on his bike was bent inward, which forced the derailleur into the spokes.  Luckily, none of the spokes were broken.

I pulled out my CoolTool, and removed the derailleur from the bike.  Then, using the adjustable wrench built into the tool, I bent the hanger back to its (approximate) correct position.  After I replaced the derailleur, I had the rider test it out by riding up the trail and sifting through the gears.  I had luckily gotten the position very close to right, and the indexing was working, so we continued on.

Soon, we came upon another club member.  He had a flat tire.  Three or four minutes later, I was through replacing his tube, and we soldiered on.

Along the way, we encountered another flat tire, and a loose headset.  Both were quickly dispatched.

As we rolled into the trailhead parking lot, Bill (who had ridden ahead with the fast guys) enthused, "What a great ride!  No mechanicals!"

There are never any mechanicals, off the front...


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