Monday, July 18, 2011

...Losers Weepers

When I worked at Destinations Cyclery, it was located at the corner of Parker Road and Cottonwood
Drive.  The King Soopers grocery store (Kroger) was across Cottonwood from us, so we saw a lot of traffic coming out of their parking lot and turning onto the highway.

Over the course of one summer, when I was bike-commuting pretty regularly, I found out that a lot of people place their purse, daytimer, or wallet on the roof of the car, while unlocking the door and loading groceries into it.  How did I find this out?

About 3 nights out of 5 I would find either a purse, daytimer or wallet on the road as I bicycled home.  Almost every time that I contacted the owner, I would get the same story:

"I must have put it on top of the car at the grocery store..."

I would say that putting your valuables on top of your car is not really a big deal.  Driving off without putting them inside the car, however...


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  1. That's why it was so funny, and yet ill-conceived when the jackass guys put a baby carrier on top of a car (no baby of course) and then drove off down the street to see what the reactions would be.


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