Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip...

I once took the mountain bike club down to the Salida area to ride the Monarch Crest Trail. We shuttled up from town and started riding the trail at the parking lot of the ski area. Before too long, we were above timberline, and riding along the high ridge

About the time we cleared the tree line, Inoticed that something was wrong. Water from my CamelBak pack was dripping onto my right butt-cheek. I figured that I had not gotten the lid sealed, on the resrvoir, so I stopped and opened up the pack to check it out.

No, the top was screwed on tight. Maybe the tube was loose at the bottom.

Nope. Tube was on the nipple, all the way.

Then, I saw water drip from the seam of the reservoir. Dang, a real leak.

"Just dump it out, so it won't leak on you," someone said.

"I don't think I want to ride 30 miles with no water," I replied, as I slid the reservoir back into the pack. "I'll just deal with it."

So, I rode all day with water soaking my bike shorts and jersey, on the right-hand side. It was not the most comfortable ride, especially since the temperatures were hovering in the 50's, at the higher altitudes.

It got warmer, as we descended, but I never really got comfortable until we were back at the cars and I was able to change into dry clothes.

I learned a valuable lesson, though. Now, I always keep my CamelBak filled, even between rides. If it develops a leak, I'd rather know about it before I am on the trail.


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