Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Thin Blue Line

"I'm not sure," she said.  "Does it come in blue?"

"Well,"  I replied,"  it comes in a kind of purpley color..."

"What difference does the color make?" her  oyfriend interjected.  "If you like the bike, why would the color matter?"

Indeed, what would it matter?   Why do shirts come in different colors?  Any cloth draped over your torso serves the same purpose.  Why would the shade of faded jeans matter?  Denim is denim, after all.

I looked at him.  I looked at her.

He was looking at bikes:  at performance on the trail, weight, suspension travel...She was looking at a bike; something which would telegraph her individuality, and her taste, while allowing her to enjoy herself out in the woods.

"I tell you what," I said, "I have another model in the back.  It's last year's, and it's a little less expensive.

I looked her in the eye.  "It's a nice navy blue."

Long story short:  She bought the blue bike.  And, she became a hell of a rider and ended up outgunning the boyfriend, who broke up with her because his ego was a bit deflated.

His loss, not hers.

Why do people act like color is not important?  If it wasn't, every vehicle would be white.  White is the easiest color to apply in a smooth finish, and it's easy to touch up.

But, we all have preferences in colors.  Dark, light, earth tones, whatever.  If you dig the looks of the bike, you will enjoy the bike that much more.  Huffy, and Pacific and all those guys understand it.  Go to Toys-R-Us or WalMart  and check out the paintjobs on the BSOs.

People like pretty bikes.  Even better if the bike, itself, is a nice ride.


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  1. Jon,
    Too bad the relationship had to break-up because of one party's ego!

    I often wonder if the relationship between a person's characteristics (including their mood at the time of decision making) and the colors, sometimes, can sway their decision. I used to be big on blue, myself. Everything was blue: blue jeans, blue bike(s), blue shirt, blue car, etc. Now, I think I am more of a green bicycle man than blue. The last one I bought was of another color.

    I am rambling too much LOL!

    Peace :)


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