Friday, June 24, 2011

Take The Good With the Bad

Brad and I decided to go up to his family cabin and spend the night, then ride the Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass and back ride the next day.  So, we loaded up, and drove up 285.

Once at the cabin, we got settled in, and decided to take a little ride around the area, before the sun went down.  We had no destination, and no schedule, so we headed down the gravel road, and ended up turning off on a fairly rugged Jeep trail.

As we climbed, we both felt good, and the ride went by too quickly.  Eventually, we turned around and headed back.  For some reason, that little impromptu ride-around ended up being one of the most fun rides I ever took.  We were both stoked, when we got back to the cabin, and we really looked forward to the more epic ride, the next day.

The next day came, and my ride mojo took a powder.  I had one of those days where I just couldn't ride a bike.  I couldn't get in the groove for any kind of technical riding, and the altitude just plain-ole kicked my ass.  What a difference a day made.

Still, I considered the weekend as a win.  That first short ride more than made up for the misery of the longer ride.


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