Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Strange Light of Darkness

Three riders in the forest, deep into the dark of night.  Three mountain bikes racing down the trail, between trees, over rocks , up and down the ripples in the landscape.  Three riders, two non-functioning lights, the third rider following behind and lighting the way.

Shadows dance on the trees along the trail as the riders flow down the trail.  Two riders in front of the only light, shadows dancing, jousting, kung-fu fighting along as the riders hold tight to the grips and plow on through the dark.

Mid-1990s lighting technology left much to be desired.  Low output made worse by short burn times combined to leave many a rider lost in night.

But these three persevere, six eyes drinking in the light meant for two.  Tires slip, breath rasps and still, the shadows dance through the woods, until, finally they all gather together at the trailhead.

The night has been beaten.


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  1. I was just a little nervous for a few moments there. I've read some of your previous stories...


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