Friday, June 10, 2011

Sometimes It's Good to Wear Glasses

Why do brake levers have those knobs on the end?  Just as the one-eyed bike mechanic.

I was working on a customer's bike, at the shop, and had it hanging on the repair stand, as usual.  I replaced the brake cables and adjusted the tension, cut the cables to length, and then turned to adjusting the rear derailleur.  I hadn't capped the brake cables with those little crimp-on cable-ends, yet, but I figured I'd do it when I got through with the derailleur.

"Hey, Jon, look at this!"

I turned to look, and the end of the rear brake cable skittered across the lens of my glasses and stabbed me in the cheek.  Blood flowed fairly freely, as I jumped back, startled and confused.

Man, that hurt!

That was when I started making it a rule to cap those stupid cables as soon as I trimmed them.



  1. An acquaintance of mine told me about his daughter's bike accident last month, which resulted in her brake lever becoming fully embedded in her thigh. I think that's what the balls are supposed to prevent. Google "brake lever impale"

  2. Well, yeah, it's there to prevent it from poking into any part of you. I just used the old saw about the one-eyed mechanic because the story was about almost putting my eye out...


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