Sunday, June 12, 2011


One day, Bill Turner and I decided to ride up Waterton Canyon, and continue onto the Colorado Trail, before work.  I hadn't known Bill for too long then, but we had been riding together quite a bit, since none of the other guys was willing to get up early enough to get a real mountain ride in before opening the shop.  With all of the driving back and forth that was required, we had to meet at the shop at 6:00 AM, to have time to get back before opening time at 10:00.

Bill had a rack on his steel StumpJumper, with a rack bag attached to the top.  In it, he carried all of his tools, patches, food, etc.  I had stopped running with a rack by then, but it reminded me of the "old days" (two years earlier) when I did.

We hit the Colorado Trail, and climbed past the intersection with the Roxborough Loop Trail, and continued down the other side of the ridge  Not long after the first creek crossing, I saw something lying on the trail.  As I pulled closer, I could see that it was a man's wallet.

I stopped, picked up the wallet, and put it in my jersey pocket, then took off again.  I was trying to catch up with Bill, to tell him to watch out for someone who looked like they were searching for something on the trail.  I was hoping that we could reunite the wallet with its owner.

Bill was waiting at the top of the next rise, drinking from his water bottle.

"I was just about to turn around and see if you had a flat," he said.

I explained to him what had happened, and told him we should be watching for whoever had lost the wallet.

"Is there any ID in it?"  Bill asked.

I pulled the wallet out of my pocket, and opened it up.

"Yeah, there is, " I said.  "It belongs to some dude named William R. Turner..."

We both looked at Bill's rack trunk, and noticed that the top was partially unzipped.

I tossed his wallet to Bill, and he put it back in the bag.  This time, he made sure that his bag was zipped.

"You probably didn't even feel me pull it out of there, did you?"  I joked to Bill.

Later, at the shop, I overheard Bill telling one of the other employees that I had somehow gotten his wallet out of his bag while we were riding.  I never corrected him.  If he wanted to think I was that devious (and talented), I figured I'd let him!


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