Monday, June 6, 2011


When I was working in the shop, back in the 90s, manufacturers gave away a lot of stickers and t-shirts shop employees.  The theory, of course, was that we would stick the stickers on our bikes or tool boxes, our cars, whatever and wear the t-shirts while working in front of the customers.  It was viral advertising before we had ever heard the term.

Of course, it didn't always turn out like the companies hoped.  We cut the stickers apart to spell odd, sometimes rude, humorous things.  "ZOOM" stickers always got reversed to "MOOZ", for some reason.  And, for some reason, "MOOZ" always cracked us up.

SPECIALIZED  helmets inevitably became SPECIAL ED, and I won't tell you what we made out of DIAMONDBACK.  But, it fell into the rude category.

It was always kind of funny to see the disappointed looks on the sales reps faces when they saw our handiwork. But, they still loaded us up with stickers and t-shirts when they came around.

I guess any publicity is good publicity...


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