Monday, June 13, 2011


"I don't know how you wear those full-fingered gloves," he said, looking at my hands.

"I don't know how you don't," I replied.

"It's 90 degrees out!"  he said, as he rode on by.

I'll go on 100-mile rides without a helmet, but I wear gloves every time I ride a bike anywhere.  It's rare that I will even take a test ride around the block without them.  And, I haven't worn the classic half-fingered gloves in years.

Part of the reason is that I always wear gloves on a motorcycle.  So, handlebars feel normal to me through a layer (or more) of leather and cloth.  The other is that I've seen the damage that sharp rocks and asphalt can do to one's hands in the middle of a crash.

I was riding down the road at Waterton Canyon, one time on a club ride, when the guy I was riding next to suddenly caught his wheel in a rut and went straight down.  He was holding the bar-end extensions on his mtb bar, and the backs of his fingers took the whole force of his fall.  The impact on the sharp, granitic gravel took most of the nail off of his pinkie finger, and ripped chunks of flesh off of the two fingers next to it.

He was wearing the half-finger gloves.

So, I spend the summer with what must be the ultimate "farmer's tan".  Since I tend to wear long sleeves, pushed part -way up my arm, and full gloves, I get a burn/tan on about 5 or 6 inches of my forearm.  My hands and the rest of my arms stay lily-white, for the most part.

But, I usually manage to keep the skin on my knuckles.

Unrelated Business:  Today is my Momma's birthday.  Happy Birthday, J.R.!



  1. While I wear full-fingered gloves more than most, I admit to wearing half finger gloves when it gets hot out.

    BTW, Blogger is being picky about comments on your blog right now. HOWEVER, if you are using the Google browser and not IE, it is happy as a pig in poo!

  2. I gotta have necked hands when the temps are above 50 F or so. Below that it's full fingered coverage.

  3. I wear cheap (Walgreens) gloves when it is cooler out, but I have gone glove-less this summer, so far. I used to wear full-fingered gloves all the time when I was in St. Louis.

    Peace :)

  4. I always wear gloves on longer rides, though when it's warm I do wear half-fingered ones. I don't bother with gloves for commuting, unless it's cold outside.

    I always wear a helmet though. It's interesting how each of us has a different idea of what risks we're willing to take.


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