Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have Some Water!

One time, as I was riding the Mustang Loop (I believe,  though it may have been Longhorn), at White Ranch, I took a little spill.  I was riding down a pretty steep slope, at the bottom of which is a 90 degree turn and an immediate climb.  So, I was trying to carry a little bit of momentum, hoping to rail the turn and get a little head start on the uphill.

There is a spot, on that downhill, where the trail runs through a v-shaped depression in an exposed granite rock face.  As I entered into that, I hit a loose rock just right, and ended up going over the bars.  I had on gloves and a helmet, but, since the temperature was about 95 degrees F in the shade, I was wearing a sleeveless jersey and bike shorts.  I had a lot of exposed skin on the old limbs.

Falling in that particular spot, in those particular clothes, was akin to taking a tumble down a flight of stairs made from wood rasps.  Every sliding bounce I took (and there were a few) abraded a little more skin from one, or all four, of my appendages.

When I finally came to a rather abrupt and painful halt, I instinctively turned to look uphill and see where my bike had ended up.  Just as I turned my head, my water bottle (which had ejected from the cage) hit me square in the face and knocked my glasses off.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Eventually, I just got everything together and continued riding.  I figured that, if nothing else, I had gotten some good footage for the "owie video".

I had more scabs than a railroad strike, for a couple of weeks.


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