Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Record Keeping

When I first started riding bikes, again, in my late 20s, I kept detailed records of my rides.  I didn't just note down time and mileage, I wrote ride descriptions and weather conditions, etc., in my little pocket journal.  At the end of the year, I tallied up total mileage, road mileage, mountain bike mileage, and roller mileage, along with hours involved in each type of riding.

As time went by, I lost my passion for record keeping.  I entered less and less information in my journal, and found that I would occasionally forget to enter a ride altogether.  Eventually, I just stopped keeping up with that kind of stuff, altogether.

Recently, I was moving books around on the bookshelf, and I found my first little pocket journal with my bicycling exploits entered into it.  I was pretty amused at some of the distances (Did I really consider 4.5 miles a bike ride?), and it was funny to see bicycling through my newbie eyes.  Everything was a challenge, and everything was new.

No wonder I kept records of it all.  It all seemed so strange and exciting!

Now, I occasionally feel that I am fighting against the mundane aspects of riding.  I renewed my passion for pedaling, a few years ago, by riding fixed-gear almost exclusively.  It gave me new skills and techniques to learn and work on.

Then, I started the daily bike commute...reverted to rigid mountain bikes...started riding 29er mountain bikes...dabbled with monstercross bikes...and I keep a blog (and write these stories) in place of all the bookkeeping.

One of the wonderful things about cycling is that, if it starts to seem old-hat, there is always another facet on the jewel which will glint in the sun, if you look at it from another angle.


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