Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Only Race I Ever Won

The first time I ever raced the Pike's Peak Bicycle Hillclimb, I won it.  I didn't win the overall race, but I was first in my class, along with Bill Turner.

Bill and I lined up at the Start Line on his Specialized mountain bike tandem, and rode the race together.  As usual, I was stoker to Bill's captain.  As we wended our way to the top of the mountain, we were happy to see that we did as well climbing together as we did on the cross-country races.

As we approached the finish line, there was about a 40 yard straight stretch leading to the tape.  Both of us decided to sprint for it and, as we stood up to jam, the drive chain on the tandem snapped.

"Crap!  Are we going to be disqualified for walking across the line?"  Bill asked me.

"Stay on your saddle and we won't have to worry about it," I said, as I jumped off of the bike. 

I grabbed the rear of my saddle with my left hand, and my handlebar with the right, and started pushing as fast as I could as Bill steered.  Just before we got to the finish line, I jumped on the bike and we coasted across.  The crowd was cheering, and the timekeeper gave us a thumb's up.

Later, I was very proud to get a "gold" medal for being the first (and only) tandem in the race!


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