Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Reflected Well On Him

Charles decided, one year, that he needed an expert-level BMX bike.  None of the models we carried in the shop were of the quality he wanted, so he began contacting our vendors to see what he could get on a pro deal.  Eventually, he found what he was looking for, and ordered it in.

A week, or so, later, Charles' bike arrived in the UPS shipment.  Unfortunately, it was Charles' day off, and he wasn't there to take possession of it.  So, the rest of the guys and I decided to build it up for him.  That way, it would be waiting for him when he got to work the next day.

Once it was built, we all took turns riding it around the shop. It was an impressive bike; lightweight, actual BMX race bike.

I don't remember, now, whose idea it was, but we decided that we needed to install the reflectors which came with the bike.  Then, we decided that we needed to install every other reflector that we could find.

Before it was over, the entire bike was covered in reflectors.  They lined the frame, spanned the handlebars, and hung from the seat.  Each wheel had enough reflectors on the spokes that they looked like some kind of mutant disc wheels.

We set the bike out on the sales floor, with a name tag attached, so that Charles would see it when he came in, the next day. 

I think that Charles was glad to see the bike, and grateful that we had built it up, for him.  I'm not sure he appreciated having to spend 45 minutes removing reflector mounts before he could test-ride it, though.



  1. Ha, reminds me of a time a fella I worked for put some small ball bearings in a buddy's frame when it came in for a repair. What a bitch to take out.


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