Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Feel The Need For Speed!

I've often thought that getting a speeding ticket on a bicycle would almost be worth it, just for the bragging rights.  In fact, I once tried my best to get one...

I can't remember who I was riding with, that day, but it was probably Charles.  We came into Parker, from the south, on the way to the bike shop, and turned off of Parker Road onto Pikes Peak Drive.  At Main Street, we were waiting to turn left, to go to the coffee shop, when I saw a Parker policeman aiming a radar speed gun our way.  So, I took off and sprinted as hard as I could for the 40 yards to the coffee shop.

A few minutes later, the cop walked in.  It was Officer Phil, one of the Parker Bike Cops.

"You gonna give me a ticket?" I asked him, as he walked up.

"Well, I could.  I had you at 19 miles per hour, and the limit is 15, there," he said, with a grin.

"Do it, and I'll hang the ticket on the wall," I said.

"Damn.  Don't have my ticket book with me."

Phil was one of the cool cops, in town, and I had known him, casually for quite a while.  I looked around at the people within earshot, and a few of them looked flabbergasted that some scruffy bike trash guy was talking to a policeman in that manner.

Phil and I became fairly buddy-buddy after I bought the coffee shop, and I still bump into him, today.  I'll have to ask him if he ever did ticket a cyclist for speeding.


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  1. I wonder if posted speed limits apply to bicycles. The "minimum speed" signs certain do not apply. Any way, sprinting for coffee is surely an explanation that would lead most any cop to excuse a little speed.


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