Monday, May 2, 2011

Fortune Cookie

For a while, when I was working at the shop in Parker, road bikes would come in from the manufacturers with the bar tape already installed.  Eventually, most of the factories stopped doing this, which was nice.  I had spent a lot of time unwrapping bars and redoing them in an acceptable fashion, so it was nice to just get the bike out and tape it up right, to begin with.

At that time, I would write quotes and sayings ("Perfection is the realm of Allah", for instance) on my own handlebars, with a Sharpie, before I wrapped them.  No one could see the writing, but I knew it was there.  The last year that I worked at that shop, I began to do the same thing to bikes I was building for the sales floor, or for specific customers.  But, I never told anyone.

I've often wondered what reaction the customers (or the mechanics who did the work for some of them) had when the time came to re-wrap the bars on those bikes.

"Cessation of desire is the path to fulfillment" was one of my favorites.

"Spending more money won't make you faster" probably annoyed the guy who got it.  But, he needed to be told...



  1. Creative mischief. You seem to be able to think of zillions of ways to amuse yourself. I'll keep reading your stories. I learn stuff.

  2. Well, I've always thought that my greatest asset is the ability to avoid boredom...

  3. "Spending more..."

    Great wisdom there.


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