Friday, May 27, 2011

Cowboy Stunts

It seemed simple enough, in my 8-year-old mind:  I would ride down the hill in the front yard, and reach up with both hands as I went under the low-hanging limb.  I'd grab the limb, swing up and let the bike (my horse, in this cowboy fantasy) go  on without me.  Then, I'd drop to the ground, draw my six-gun, and shoot the bad guys.

So, down the hill I rode.  I stood on the pedals, grabbed the limb, and then...Well, then, everything went pear-shaped.  I swung up, parallel to the ground as the bike continued along its merry way.  Then, I lost my grip on the limb and fell, still horizontal, and landed flat on my back.

Anyone who has ever fallen like that knows what happened, next.  I had the breath knocked completely out of me, and I could not breathe in.  I flopped around on the ground for a while, until I could finally draw a breath.

Then, I went and picked up my bike.  I had learned a valuable lesson in physics, as well as entertaining my sister to no end.  But, I didn't get any smarter. 

The next day, I tried the same thing, again.  Only, this time, I was grabbing a rope hanging from the tree, rather than a limb.  It was another lesson in physics.  And ropeburn.

Man, I was a dumb little kid!



  1. But entertaining!

  2. Hmm. I shall have to try those tricks. I'm sure my grip is stronger now than when I was 8.


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