Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Church of Making-Do

A while ago, Dave asked me to build him some wheels.  He wanted this hub, those rims, and black spokes.  So, I gathered everything up, and started to work.

To get the correct length black spokes, I had to go to my favorite shop and have them custom-cut the correct length.  I got a couple of extra spokes, just in case there was a problem.

Thing was, there were three problems.  Three of the spokes had bad threads, and I had only gotten two extras.  It was Saturday night.  I was one spoke away from being done.  And, the shop was closed until Tuesday.

So, I dug out a regular, silver spoke, and finished up the wheel build.  Then, I took my Testor's paint pen, and carefully painted the silver spoke black.  I told Dave what I had done, and told him I would replace the painted spoke with an actual black spoke, when I could.

I guess that was a couple of years ago, and that painted spoke is still in the rim.  I had coffee with Dave, this morning, and he reminded me of this story.

But, as he put it, "You still can't tell which spoke is painted..."

MacGyver wins!


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