Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Rides

For years I've made sure to take a ride on my birthday.  To me, like New Year's Day, your birthday signifies the start of a new year (although some poor souls seem to look at it as the end of a year).  So, twice a calendar year, I start off a new year (calendar year, and Jon year) with a bike ride.

When I first started doing the b-day rides, I just made sure that I got a ride in on that day.  I didn't really care how many miles I covered, so long as I rode on that particular day.  On my 32nd birthday, for instance, I only rode 25 miles.  But, that was 25 miles of a 100 mile, five-day/four-night biking and camping trip around the White Rim Trail, outside of Moab.

I was 35 when it occurred to me to make the mileage match my age.  I figured that I had finally gotten old enough that matching my age would produce a significant ride distance.  I have done at least my age for every birthday ride since then.

Now, however, I no longer care if the ride occurs exactly on my birthday.  I work outside of the bike industry, and getting the day off just to go on a ride can be difficult.  So, my 50th birthday ride will occur sometime this weekend.  I rode today, but just about 20 miles to work and back (a detour has made my commute a few miles longer, for the past couple of weeks).

I hope to still do the birthday ride for another 50 years.  I have to admit, though, that I might have to go metric at some point...



  1. So, what are you going to do when you are 110? At that point, even doing metric will be a major accomplishment. Unless you're talking meters or a bimodal ride. THAT seems like a good transition. Ride the bike ten miles to a train station and then take a LONG train ride. Just looking ahead for you.

  2. Fifty on your fiftieth!
    I need to do that.
    Well, when I turn fifty that is.


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