Friday, April 15, 2011

Riding In the Rain

I think I was twelve when I realized how much I like to ride a bike in the rain.  Until then, it was something I had avoided, thinking I wouldn't enjoy it, at all.  Of course, I had occasionally gotten caught by a thunderstorm, while I was out pedaling around, but I always bee-lined it to cover, and tried to stay dry.

On particular rainy April day, in my twelfth year, I really needed to get out of the house.  Things were not going to suit me, and I just wanted some time alone.  So, I put on my cowboy hat, and a plastic rain coat, and got on Big Red.  I figured I'd ride to someplace dry, and just hang out.

But, as I rode down the street, I realized that the air felt great.  It was fresh, and damp, and full of Springtime, if you know what I mean.  So, I pedaled around the neighborhood, aimlessly, listening to the swish of the tires on the wet pavement, and watching my upside-down reflection ride along under me.

I avoided the hilly streets, and didn't try to make any speed.  As long as I was just cruising, the brim of my hat kept the water off of my glasses, and I was happy.

It became a habit of mine to go out and ride, whenever it rained all day (which was common, in the South).  And, I guess I became a bit infamous for it.  I actually had a sustitute teacher ask me if I was "the kid with the hat, riding in the rain".

I was.

I still am.



  1. Of course, as Jon himself has pointed out, LIGHTNING (often associated with rain) is a whole different situation!

  2. I Love how you ended that one.


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