Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patches? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Patches!

What a bummer, as I walk into my office and notice that my rear tire is flat.  Time to bust out the patch kit.  Only problem:  I seem to have lost the patch kit out of my pannier.

I could always use the spare tube.  No.  Wait.  I already used it.  The tube in the bag has a rather large hole in it.  Now what?

Well...I have some Contact Cement in the lab.  And, I have the old tube.

So...time to cut some pieces(three, in this instance) from the old tube.  Apply contact cement to the tube and the rubber scraps from the old tube.  Wait 15 minutes, then press together.

Looks good.  I think I'll wait about 5 minutes before I air it up, though.

Six minutes later, and the tube is inflated inside of the tire.  Will it hold?

Heck, yeah!

Dang goathead thorns!


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  1. When I am dictator goatheads will be banned. Those things are aggressive.


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