Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Foot In The Door

In 1992, Valerie and I were still living in Columbus, Ohio.  My ex-boss, Kevin, and his wife Kelly had moved to Denver, the previous year, and they invited us to come out for two weeks in July.  So, we both arranged for the time off, and flew out.  I brought my Cannondale mountain bike with me, hoping to get in some actual "mountain" biking.

While we were here, Kevin told me that he and Kelly had been thinking of buying some mountain bikes, themselves, and trying to get into a little better shape.  He asked me if I would go along with them to some bike shops and help them pick out something appropriate.  They didn't know a lot about bikes, and wanted to make sure that they weren't being oversold.

So, we got in the car and went down to Parker, and checked out Destinations Cyclery, since it was the nearest Specialized dealer to K&K's house.  They, and I, were fond of the Specialized line, so it was the first stop to make.

While I was there, I got into a conversation with the owner, Scott.  He and I hit it off, since we had very similar outlooks about the bike business, customer service, and a lot of other things.  Kevin and Kelly ended up buying a couple of bikes (HardRock Sports, as I recall), and Scott sent me out the door with the promise of a job, if I ever decided to move out to Denver.

While we were in Denver, Val and I decided to do just that.  She got on the phone, found out that there was a position available in Denver, which was an upgrade for her, and actually interviewed for it while we were there on vacation.  She got the job, and we flew home, only for her to turn around and fly back, two weeks later, to start the new job.

I stayed in Columbus until close to September, got the house on the market and packed everything up.  By the first week of that month, we were both in Denver, shopping for a house.

I talked to Scott about a job, and he told me that he couldn't hire anyone until February, because of the traditional slow winter sales in the shop.  So, with the promise of a job in the Spring, I took a position with a landscaping/irrigation company and worked through the winter (lots of snow removal).

When February arrived, I started working part-time at the shop.  Within a month, I was full-time.  A year later, I was the Service manager.  I worked there until 1999, when I found it necessary to get a "real" job, and pay the bills, once I had been divorced for a while. 

The money was never good,  but I wouldn't trade my years at that shop for anything.

Funny how a two-week vacation can change your life...


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  1. Love it! I moved from Chicago to Denver 3 years ago for a job roasting coffee. I have since bought my first home, just north of City Park, and I'm engaged to be married in June, to a woman I met through Denver bike friends. You never know what life has in store for you!


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