Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bike Path Follies

For some reason, I have bad luck on bike paths, sometimes.

Once, I rode a section of the Colorado Trail which runs from Copper Mountain toward Leadville.  I was riding with a group, and we were all riding pretty hard.  Twenty miles of off-road riding went by, with numerous stream crossings on small log bridges, and long stretches riding over rock fields.

I rode all day, without incident.  Then, as we got back to the paved bike trail which would lead us to the cars in the parking lot, I leaned a bit too far to the right, put the muddy part of my tire tread on the pavement, and fell down right in front of everyone.

Much hilarity ensued.

A few of years ago, I was headed over to Mount Falcon, on the Bear Creek Bike Trail.  I was training for the 24 Hours of Moab, and I wanted to get some long rides in.  Riding to the mountain, doing the Five Parks Loop and then riding home would give me a 65 mile ride on a mountain bike.

As I was riding along, I saw a mother and her teenaged daughter pull off of the path, ahead of me.  I slowed down, to a walking pace, and asked if they needed any help.

Then, I lost my balance, couldn't get unclipped from my SpeedPlay pedals, and fell down in a heap.

They didn't need any help, but I'm sure the two women probably thought I needed some.

I don't know what it is about bike paths, but they seem to be hazardous for me!


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