Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trade of Doom

Before I bought my high-wheeler bike, I had a little 36"-wheeled Coker highwheel.  Oddly, this bike, which looked like a traditional Penny-Farthing, had a freewheel hub on the front wheel.  So, you could actually coast on it.  Carving turns in the parking lot was a hoot.

Brad liked it better than I did, though.  I was really wanting the "real" highwheeler bike I eventually got and, even though this bike was fun, it wasn't really what I wanted.  So, we arranged a trade.  Brad had a snowboard (and I had never been snowboarding, at this time) that he didn't need, and I offered him the Coker in exchange for it.

So, the trade was made.

Within a month, one of the punk-ass kids at the bike shop jumped the Coker off of the steps and severely bent the frame, which rendered it not ride-able.  Not long after that, some kids broke into our house in Elizabeth and stole the snowboard, along with my boots.  Nothing else, including the guns and video camera which were in the same room, was taken.

Apparently, the Trade Gods didn't approve of the swap.


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