Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sit Back. Relax!

When the Val and I visited Joy and Steve in Oregon, a couple of decades ago, we saw a lot of the sights that great state had to offer.  One of those sites was Timberline Lodge, on Mount Hood.

As we started the drive up the Lodge Road, we passed a recumbent bicycle just at the gate.  I had ridden a recumbent, a few times, through the years, and I knew how fast they could be.  The reclined position of the rider makes the bike much more aerodynamic than a standard bike, increasing the speed without a necessary increase in power output.  Much like a tandem, a recumbent rider can pretty much outgun a standard rider of the same strength.

Until the road heads uphill.

Climbing against gravity makes every pedal stroke an acceleration.  Recumbents (and tandems) actually require more effort on the part of the rider to accelerate.  So, I was feeling sorry for the guy we passed.

We got to the lodge, toured around, took pictures;  all the touristy stuff.  When we finally got ready to go, and headed out of the parking lot, the poor guy on the recumbent was just pulling up.

Of course, as much as I felt sorry for him, he probably felt that sorry for us.  He was on a bike, at least. We were stuck in a  car.

Perspective is funny, that way.


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