Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One of the spokes on the front wheel of the Avail had gotten bent, when a stick caught in the wheel, one day.  I had re-trued the wheel, and the spoke was properly tensioned, but it had a slight kink in it about 3 inches from the rim.

I kept thinking I should pull that spoke out and replace it.  However, I was riding the bike almost daily, either commuting to the bike shop or just knocking around on the dirt roads around Elizabeth.  Every time I thought of the spoke, I was on a ride, somewhere.  Once I was in the shop, with the bike, I had other things to think about.

One day, after about 3 months of riding on the bent spoke, I commuted to the bike shop on the Avail, as usual.  As I neared the shop, I pulled across two lanes of Parker Road, and got into the left turn lane at Cottonwood Drive.  The bike shop was on the corner of the two roads, but the driveway to the shopping center was about 30 yards down Cottonwood.

As I pulled to a stop at the light, I decided to try and trackstand until the light changed.  I turned the front wheel slightly to the left, to help maintain my balance and..PING!  The kinked spoke chose that moment to snap.

It was another example of "Grinder Luck":  My spoke broke, but, at least, it did it at the least inconvenient spot on the commute.

I have the best bad luck...


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  1. Certainly, that is a whole lot better than having the worst good luck...


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