Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been through a lot of pedals, and styles of pedals, through the years.  I started with rubber block pedals on the single speed bikes I had as a kid.  I had rat-traps with toeclip and straps on my first ten-speeds and early mountain bikes. 

Eventually I started using clipless pedals, and I used them for years.  Eventually, I went back to rat-traps with clips and straps on the fixed-gear bikes.  As I got into the daily commuting, I graduated to flat, bmx-style platform pedals.  Pretty much, full circle.

I use the bmx platforms for every ride, now, with the exception of "serious" mountain bike rides.  I still like to have the solid attachment to the pedals that the clipless pedals afford when bouncing down a rough trail.  That said, though, I have done quite a bit of rough riding on the platforms, these last couple of years.

I miss some of the marketing gimmicks from the early days of mountain biking.  The SR Low-Fat pedal, for instance, came in a milk carton...low-fat milk pedals.  I had a pair of those, which I bought in Corvallis Cyclery one day, after my pedal bearings fell out of the OEM pedals on my bike as I climbed out of town on the highway.  I turned around and coasted back to town, bought the Low-Fats, then went back up the mountain to the old-growth forest trails which belonged to Oregon State.

That was the ride which turned me into a Mountain Biker, rather than a guy who rode a mountain bike.  I have since branched out in my bicycling interests, but mountain bikes still light my fire.

Now, I have a little collection of vintage mtb pedals on my bikes:  Suntour XC Pros, Shimano Deore bear-traps, etc.  I'm looking for some original Low-Fats to go with them.  I just wish I could find one of the milk carton boxes...



  1. Interesting how people reach the same point in their posts at the same time, via different routes. I posted about pedals today as well, before seeing yours. I'm not sure WHERE I'm evolving to, other than it's some kind of evolution.

  2. I have just spent an enjoyable hour reading your March and most of February, posts. I will read the rest of February and January at some point in the coming days. These are really good, thanks for writing these memories down and sharing them.

  3. Thank you for leting me know that you've enjoyed them. I am enjoying writing them, as well.


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