Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's All In the Cards

When I was a kid, I experimented with cards in the spokes, just like every other kid.  Not being a sports fan, I started with playing cards (Ace of Spades, of course).  But, they didn't last very long.   So, I tried one of my BatMan trading cards (a Robin card, I would never have wasted a BatMan or the Joker).  Again, the card fell apart pretty quickly.

I layered tape over a card, and it lasted a bit longer.  But, it wasn't as loud as the regular card.

After a disastrous experiment with clothespins, I finally gave up.

Years later, after I already had a motorcycle, I saw a product which mounted on the right handlebar of a bicycle, in place of the hand grip.  It was a throttle-like assembly that, when twisted, produced "motorcycle sounds".

I have to admit that I kinda wanted one.  But, I figured that the actual engine noise from the motorcycle would drown it out.


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