Friday, March 11, 2011

I Am That Dude

(The language in this story is a bit crude, at the end, but the story isn't tell-able without it.  Sorry.)

One year, as we were riding the Moonlight Classic ride, I was on the high-wheeler.  I had ridden the high-wheeler on the night-time ride through Denver, a few times before.  So, I was accustomed to all of the attention that I was getting from the riders around me, as well as the people along the side of the street.

"Hey!  Nice bike!"

"Wow!  Look at that!"

"How do you get on and off?"

Lots and lots of people will talk to you, if you ride a high-wheeler in a crowd of other bikes.  If you are shy, stay off the big wheel.

The capper of the night, perhaps my proudest bicycle moment ever, was when a fairly drunk guy on the side of the road stood up tall, stretched out his arm, and pointed at me.

"Look at the dude what's got the old-school shit going on!"  he shouted.

The crowd around him hooted and hollered, and everyone on bikes around me was laughing. 

My super power?

I am that dude what's got the old-school shit going on!


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