Sunday, March 13, 2011

Full Moon Over Kenosha Pass

One day, back in 1996, we took the mountain bike club to Kenosha Pass and rode the Colorado Trail through Jefferson to Georgia Pass.  After climbing up above treeline, we hung out at the Continental Divide, overlooking Breckinridge.  It probably snowed on us.  I don't really remember, but I don't think I've ever been on Georgia Pass without getting snowed on.

After a while, we all turned back and rode the 12.5 miles back ot the Kenosha Pass Trailhead parking lot, where we had left the cars and trucks.  It was hot, at the lower elevation, and we all were ready to get out of our riding clothes and into something dry.

As was our habit, we all just kind of faced toward our vehicles and tried to ignore each other as we  changed.  I noticed that one of the girls, a newbie, actually got into her car to change.  I was chuckling, a little, as I pulled my bike shorts off, and reached for my cargos.

Just then, a troop of Girl Scouts, I suppose out on a troop hike or something, came walking out of the trees.  I heard the giggling before I turned my head and saw them.  Then, I just pulled my pants up, and waved.

The girls all waved back and continued on their way.  They probably all qualified for their astronomy badges, that day...


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