Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bike Route

There is a route from  Cherry Creek Park to the D.U. area that we refer to as "the bike route".  That's because, when we all lived south of here, we would go through the park, hit the streets on Union (by Cherry Creek High School), and make our way to the campus area without hitting any major roads.

One of the highlights of the ride was going down Iliff, from Dahlia to University.  During the summer, the trees alongside each side of the street almost meet in the middle.  It gives you the "tunnel of green" effect as you ride through.  It's pretty shady and relatively cool on a hot day.

In the winter, the trees are bare, but the ride is still pleasant.

This route is why I live where I do.

One day, on a Saturday, Carol and I were riding back from a loop in the park, and we took the the bike route, as usual, to get back to my rented duplex. As we passed South Dexter Street, on Iliff, Carol saw a "For Sale" sign in the yard.  We stopped to look at it, and saw that there was an Open House, the next day.

I came back over, the next day, and checked it out.  I made an offer, and ended up buying the place.

The house is nothing much to talk about.  It's virtually a chicken coop with a bathroom, really.'s on the bike route.


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  1. Its on the bike route, so worth its weight in gold!


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