Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ten Penny Nail

Nail sizes are kind of odd.  A 10d nail (10 penny) is 3 inches long, and is called a "10 penny" because, at one time, you paid a dime for 100 of them.. Similarly, a 16d nail would cost you 16 cents per hundred.

What does this have to do with bicycles? Very little, actually.

But, one day, on my way to work at Destinations, I ran over a 10 penny nail.  I was riding my DiamondBack Avail cross bike, with 32c knobby tires and a sweet pair of Sun Rim/Shimano Deore DX 700c wheels.  As I ran over the nail, the rear rim suddenly became a lot less sweet.

The nail somehow penetrated not only the tire, but it also pierced the rim, itself.  I had never seen such a thing, and I was a little concerned about how I was going to get work.

I pulled the nail out, and removed the tire and tube.  Luckily, I had a full patch kit with me, and I was able to use some patches to boot the tire and cover the hole in the rim.  When I put the new tube in, and aired the tire up, I was just waiting for it to blow out of the hole in the rim.  But, it held.

So, I rolled on in to the shop, and hung the bike up in my stand to try and patch the rim a little better.  I planned on buying  a new rim, but I needed to get home, that night.

"What the hell happened to your wheel?" Scott asked me.

"Cops shot my tire out, because I wouldn't stop when they tried to pull me over,"  I told him.

One of the mechanics looked up, wide-eyed, and said, "Really?"  I think he actually believed me.

Hey, he was a bike mechanic...not a rocket scientist.


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