Monday, February 21, 2011

Magic Bikes

I've owned a lot of bikes, through the years.  But, I have found that some suit me more than others, regardless of cost or design.

Case in point, the bikes I refer to as "Magic Bikes", late 1980s Specialized RockHoppers converted to 700c wheels. I have converted about a half dozen of these bikes to 700c, and I find that they ride better than any purpose-built cyclocross bike or fixed gear bike (I've built both out of these) that I have ever owned. 

For some reason, I seem to go faster, with less effort, on these bikes than anything else.  And, they feel really natural under me.

Why, then, do I not just ride these bikes and get rid of everything else?  Well, I'm not real sure, to tell you the truth.  Maybe it's just a desire for variety?

When I designed the titanium Funk bike, I used a vintage RockHopper frame as my baseline, and gave it the clearance for modern 29x2.3 tires.  (Tire clearance is the one failing of the older frames, with 700c wheels.)  So, my mountain bike/all-rounder is basically a reproduction Magic Bike...

In the past I've sold the Scorcher, the Ghetto Bike, and a couple of others.  Currently, I have the Vintage-Style Path Bike fixed gear, and I plan to keep it.  And, my buddy Dan just brought me a 1988ish RockHopper frameset, complete with bottom bracket and crank, today.

Magic is in the air!


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