Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeding The Birds

One day, as we were making the usual pre-opening shop ride from Destinations over to the original location of Kaladi Brothers Coffee, we were riding on the E-470 Trail on the way to Park Meadows Mall. 

Our usual route from the bike shop to the coffee shop involved hitting this trail, to Yosemite Street, then over to the strip mall behind the Barnes and Noble store on County Line Drive.  There, across from the Old Navy, was the space that Mark had originally been able to lease for Kaladi.

This particular day, I was riding with Carol, Rich and Charles.  We rode, most days, to Kaladi, had coffee and bagels, then rode back to Destinations in order to open the shop for the day.

As we rode along, heading downhill toward a 90 degree turn which would later come to be known as "Katie's Curve", Carol was directly in front of me.  I could see a rabbit running alongside the trail, ahead of us.

Suddenly, the rabbit took a sharp left and ran under the bike, between the front and rear wheels, just as Carol was leaning into the turn.


I was really surprised that Carol didn't crash.  Her bike went a bit sideways, but she recovered control without high-siding.  "Oh my God!" she yelled.

"I hope that bunny's okay!" she said, as I caught up to her.

"It's dead," I said.

"No it's not," she said.  "I saw it run off."

I, too, had seen it.  I saw it tumble into a heap on the side of the trail.  But, Carol wanted it to be okay, so I just shut up.

On the way back to the shop, after breakfast, we passed the spot where she had hit the bunny.

"See?"  she said, pointing to the side of the trail.  "The bunny's not lying there.  It was fine, and ran off."

I  pointed up at a hawk, sitting on the powerline along the trail, and said, "I'm betting that you served him his breakfast, this morning."

She eventually conceded that, even if the bunny had died, the fact that the hawk got an easy meal out of it made it okay.

We called that stretch of the trail "Bunny Hill", from then on.


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