Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beginning of The End?

When I worked at Destinations, I had a 14 mile trip to work, with a 1500 feet drop from the house to the shop.  So, if I commuted by bike, it would take me about 40 minutes to get to work, and an hour and a half to get home.

One night, as I was leaving the shop, I could see a huge thunderstorm to the south.  It looked like it was probably over Colorado Springs.  I later found out that the storm was, indeed, over Colorado Springs, and that it had spawned several tornadoes.

As it was, I had a strong south wind to face; a headwind which was beating me like a stray dog.

I struggled along, beating against the wind, feeling as though I had to keep pedaling or the wind would blow me backward.  I rode as hard as I could, but I was only able to maintain about 5 or 6 mph against the headwind.  Even as I turned east, the wind was pushing against me to the point that I was wondering if it might not be faster to just get off and walk.

I rode, and rode, and rode...trying to keep some forward momentum, wondering if Valerie was going to show up, looking for me. I felt bad about making her worry.  This was before the day that cell phones were standard issue, and I couldn't call home to let the wife know here I was.

Eventually, I made my way home.  The shop had closed at  7:00 PM, and I rolled into the garage at the house right at 10:15.  I really felt bad about worrying Val.

I walked into the living room, where Val was watching the news, and said, "Sorry I'm late.  The weather, y"know..."

She said to me, "You're late?"

It was right about then that I realized that I might possibly be more invested in our relationship than Valerie was.



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