Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Comeback

Once, after a bike ride, I was walking down the sidewalk with my friend Carol.  We had stopped for a snack, before going home, at a place over on Broadway.  As we walked back to the truck, we passed by a couple of older guys sitting at a bus stop.

One of the guys had a new-looking ladies' framed mountain bike (a WalMart BSO), and was obviously either high or drunk.

"Hey," he said to me, as we walked by, "wanna buy a bike for your old lady?"

Now, I have no interest in buying stolen bicycles from junkies, so I just said, "No, thanks."

Carol, however, was having none of it and piped up with, "I'm not old," and just kept walking.

"So sorry, ma'am.  Didn't mean to insult you.."  the guy babbled, as we continued walking toward the truck.

I wish I had thought to say that...kind of felt like I dropped the ball, chivalry-wise.


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